Let not the
of the writer
offend thee
whether he be
of great or small
but let
the love of
pure truth
draw thee to read.

On the
Lighter Side

Anyone may
contribute whether
of great or
small learning.


Please be peaceful with all the writers.  I want you to know I love you.

Music for the Churches of God  
Subjects  Being discussed:

Pentecost ?
New Moons ?
Divorce ?
Military Service ?
Tithing ?
3rd Tithe ?
Unclean Meats ?
Place of Safety ?
God's Gov on Earth ?
Church Leadership ?
Christ's Lineage ?
Sunday or Sabbath? Resurrection ?
Being Saved ?

Clean Meat ?



  If you wish to participate in this page, and you have a positive comment or article, it will be welcomed.
           This page is for everyone to work with, think about, look at all sides, and enjoy the study.  
Iron Sharpening Iron.

                Publishing the Discussion of different writers on the
Topic Doctrinal Studies, both Pro, Con and Other views
Some Promote (Pro)  and some Reject (Con)

You are welcome to state your views or your studies.  When you wish to look at both sides objectively, 
please post your comment on the subject, 
and that specific subject page 
will most likely be opened up to you.

If you are just lurking without posting your opinion or study but wish to see the full discussion,
please email the webmaster and
we'll try to assist you in your request.

Pro Discussions

Con Discussions

An open mind should not be mistaken for an open dumpster.

Let not the authority of the writer offend thee whether he be of great or small learning;   but let the love of pure truth draw thee to read.

   We have a dream. Someday, quiet people leading lives of unheralded virtue and real productivity will be honored. Someday all people, will realize that the real heroes aren't the ones giving speeches filled with bombastic rhetoric. (bigoted mindsets) 
   Real heroes are quietly doing real work: building houses, writing software, farming, nursing the elderly,  teaching, parenting the young, living peacefully, sewing clothes,  - the whole cornucopia of human endeavor that actually results in better lives for real people.

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.
This page may be of that thought...

UB Starts with the Passover

Passover is 7 days and not 8 And UB starts with the Passover


Passover Data and Background

Background of the Passover and Feast of Uleavened Bread

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Understanding Mind Control
and Exploitive Groups (From Another site)

Education + Investigation = Emancipation



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