Let not the
of the writer
offend thee
whether he be
of great or small
but let
the love of
pure truth
draw thee to read.

On the
Lighter Side

Anyone may
contribute whether
of great or
small learning.


Please be peaceful with all the writers.  I want you to know I love you.

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The only way to
keep the Holy Days
in the same season
each year is to
the first New Moon
after the  Spring
equinox to be the
first day of the year.
sunset April 14, 2002

begins the first day
of the first month.

An Article
On the
Emergency Room

A rebuttal
to the Article

filters blurs brethrens vision


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           This page is for everyone to work with, think about, look at all sides, and enjoy the study.   Iron Sharpening Iron..

                Publishing the Discussion of different writers on the
Topic of New Moons
Some Promote (Pro)  and some Reject (Con)
New Moon Scriptures
First Day Scriptures

Is the Pocket Holy Day Calendar the Inspired days of God
What does your bible say in what days to keep?

rainbow rule

Pro Discussions
Jarvis   New Moons?  A "Pro"Statement
Jarvis Windom Your Feast Days My soul Hates
                      We Fence People Out
                      Let's Look to Christ for the Answer

Tim Moore:  When he Returns, Will Christ Really Find Faith on the Earth?
Tim Moore
A Matter of Timing?  Or?  A Matter of Chance?  
It also shows that this most important feast is to occur on the New Moon which we do not do today.  We practice following the Jews traditions of postponements.  Real sad !

Dr. Hoeh & Kenneth Hermann   (Good News) Oct 57    Kenneth Herman Prove   Gods Calendar correct....GN Oct 57

Ken Herman  Sept 1960 GN  Dr. H.L.Hoeh: "Does it matter which days we observe?"

Larry Walker    Larry Walker, UCG Minister Colossians 2:16   (A Pro Statement)pdf

Jim Hamby   
What could be Plainer?
  Jim Hamby 
Jim Hamby
   And Comment
Jim Hamby  
Nullified reasoning of the Church on New Moons

Richard Nickels
New Moons

Richard Nickels   Calendar Controversy.

Day of Trumpets
Calendar God Gave to Moses
Sacred Calendar
New Moon Calendar

David Foster: New Moon
                  Another Article
Rittenbaugh Forunner The
custom is yours. Ben Sent this to the page.

Interesting Facts
About Rosh Chodesh
Significance of Rosh Chodesh
Sidney Davis EDITORIAL RESPONSE TO : Dr. William E. Richardson Department of
Religion  Andrews University Berrien Springs, MI  (mentions new moons)
Greg Killian :   Rosh Chodesh  (New Moon) 
Jewish Pages
       Rosh Chodesh Groups
       Shameul: Determining the day of Rosh Hodesh
Karaite:  The New Moon in The Hebrew Bible

Voy Wilks More on New Moon    

John D Keiser New moons & Sabbaths
     A 1935 Writing from HWA mentioning it.
Cocherell      Bible Research Organization
        A special fellowship between Himself and those He has chosen as His people. (Cocherell)
Alfred Edersheim, D.D., PH.D. Giving & Sharing    (Chapter 15)  
Samuele Bacchiocchi  Vs.  John Lewis  Sabbath / Sunday with New Moons Mentioned (A pro & Con Article)
British-Israel.net  Quotes UCG Sunset to sunset

Rosh Chodesh - The New Jewish Month.  This is the Hebrew pronunciation.  

Con Discussions
The Hebrew Calendar,  by John Ogwyn     (html  format)  (word format)

Dave Albert: Difficult Scriptures (Questions)

Bill Swanson:     New Moons Some Confusion 

UCG:    New Moon Comment by UCG in Lesson 12 of UCG's CC (a "Con" Statement)
JWT Sr. CC86. Lesson 26. (A Con Letter)
Tkach Sr:
May 88 PCD Letter47  Joseph W Tkach Sr. (A Con Letter)
Joe W Tkach Sr.:  Why New Moons are Abolished

Stewarton Bible School, Stewarton, Scotland
New Moons Dates:
Interactive Bible Site:  New Moons Nailed to the Cross
As Shown in Col. 2:14-16
Samuele Bacchiocchi  Vs.  John Lewis 
Sabbath / Sunday   with New Moons Mentioned (A Pro & Con Article)
H.L.Hoeh, New Moons not   important today.
Ben Sent this Con Article By Frank Nelte
Dr. Hoeh's One Liner     GN Jan. 61

Satan's Distractions

Earth & Moon Viewer
Britannica Calendar Links
Low Tech Method for Determining the Equinoxes
         and Solstaces
Moon calculator

Mature Bible Teachings

An open mind should not be mistaken for an open dumpster.

Let not the authority of the writer offend thee whether he be of great or small learning;   but let the love of pure truth draw thee to read.

   We have a dream. Someday, quiet people leading lives of unheralded virtue and real productivity will be honored. Someday all people, will realize that the real heroes aren't the ones giving speeches filled with bombastic rhetoric.  
   Real heroes are quietly doing real work: building houses, writing software, farming, nursing the elderly,  teaching, parenting the young, living peacefully, sewing clothes,  - the whole cornucopia of human endeavor that actually results in better lives for real people.

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.
This page may be of that thought...


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This rifle is just a reminder for all of you writers to be careful of your aim when you write.

This rifle is just a reminder for all of you writers to be careful of your aim when you write.

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